Bellos Single Malt Signature Vermouth Cask,
the only single malt whisky of its kind

Meticulously tuned in Turmeon vermouth casks with a solera that crosses eighty years of history.

This is not an ordinary whisky. It is the result of a bold flavor experiment, where each sip is a tribute to tradition and a toast to innovation.

The fusion of our single malt’s robust character with the sweetness and complexity of our vermouth creates a tasting experience you will not find anywhere else in the world.



Born from solera barrels 80 years old, made by Vicente Jaime 'El Pipero', this whisky embodies the passion and craftsmanship inherited through generations. Each bottle is a tribute to history, the art of the cooper, and the innovative spirit seeking to redefine the whisky experience.



vermouth cask!

The sensory experience of our whisky

BATCH: 001

ABV (Alcohol by Volume): 40%

AGED: White Oak


WATER: Spring rich in minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe)

BARLEY: High quality malted and peated


VOLUME: 700 ml

SELECTED: Jaime Wineries, Morata de Jalón

CUT POINTS: In spirit distillate at 65% at 20°

FERMENTATION: Slow; 120 hours


  • Visual

    A deep amber color with golden flashes, anticipating the richness of the experience that awaits.

  • Nose

    The whisky's aromatic opening reveals a dominant and welcoming sweetness, with the creaminess of toffee caramel merging with the warmth of vanilla and the robustness of aged wood. The influence of Turmeon Vermouth brings dry fruit notes that intertwine with a touch of spices, while the floral and fruity profile elevates the bouquet to a level of subtle elegance.

  • Palate

    The entry on the palate is generously sweet and extremely smooth, evoking the unctuous texture of toffee and the richness of dark chocolate, awakening the senses with their enveloping presence. Cereal and citrus notes offer freshness and a light counterpoint, while caramel and chocolate provide indulgence enhanced by the vermouth's fine spiciness. The transition to smoky and medicinal notes is subtle yet distinctive, a signature of aging in vermouth casks with solera.

  • Finish

    The finish is prolonged and decadent, a weave of persistent sweetness with traces of toffee caramel and the sophisticated bitterness of dark chocolate.

Nose profile tasting:
Bellos Whisky Signature Vermouth Cask

Turmeon Turmeon

The Final Touch: Smoke Your Bellos Single Malt with a Piece of History

Each bottle of Bellos Single Malt Signature Vermouth Cask comes with something very special: an authentic fragment of the same oak barrels that gave life to its distinctive flavor. This wood, saturated with the rich Turmeon vermouth, is not just a piece of the barrel; it's a piece of history and now, an instrument to take your whisky experience to new heights.

Smoke your glass:

1| Choose the Right Place: Find a well-ventilated space to safely smoke your glass.

2| Gather What's Needed: You will need to have a kitchen torch and a heat-resistant surface on hand.

3| Heat the Wood: Use the torch to heat the piece of barrel until it begins to smoke, releasing the aromas impregnated in the wood.

4| Smoke Your Glass: Immediately after the wood begins to smoke, place your whisky glass upside down over the piece of barrel so that the smoke fills the inside of the glass.

5| Wait for the Perfect Moment: Leave the glass over the smoking wood for a few minutes so that the inside of the glass is imbued with the smoky aroma and the subtle nuances of the vermouth.

6| Prepare Your Whisky: Lift the glass, pour your Bellos Single Malt, and get ready to enjoy a deeply enriched and personalized flavor experience.

This process not only adds a smoky dimension to your whisky... also awakens the residual aromas of the vermouth that have been embedded in the wood for decades. It's a fascinating way to connect with the art of cooperage and distillation, and to personalize your Bellos Single Malt Vermouth Cask.