Blue Velvet Violet Gin

700 ml. 40%

Blue Velvet Violet Gin



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BLUE VELVET is a transfiguration, a totally new and yet familiar flower that will whisk you away to a world full of daring, irreverence and freedom.

This citric floral gin highlights an unprecedented powdery duo of violet and iris, given a modern edge by a dash of lemon and cherry blossom.

Its iconic color comes from the antocianin extracted from vegetal sources, wich also gives to the gin a fruty flavour. When you change the ph (adding lemon juice or tonic), its color change from an intense blue to violet (ultraviolet was chosen color of the year 2018).

Top notes: Lemon.

Hearth notes: Iris, Violet & Cherry blossom.

Base notes: Juniper, Cardamom y Angelica.

Format: 700ml
Alcohol: 40%vol