Turmeon Zero

1 l. 15%

Turmeon Zero



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Same botanicals and same flavor as Turmeon Clasico, but with Zero sugar and half the calories.

Mahogany red color with amber highlights. High density, very clean and without turbidity problems.

With slightly sweet notes from cinnamon and citrus due to the orange peel. We also find balsamic notes of the tonka bean that provide us with a pleasant bitter touch.

The mouth is wonderful, it caresses the entire palate and surrounds it with a cheerful and sweet smoothness, seriousness and complexity, balance and harmony, elegance and affection. The perfect balance between sweet and sour.

Format: 1 l.
Alcohol: 15% vol
Residual sugar: 0gr/l
Botanicals: 19 (tonka bean, cardamom, chalk cinnamon, cloves...)
Varieties: Macabeo