About us

We are oldies

We are not going to say that we are classics, but we have a lot of history. (A little history is coming). But  we are proud to say that we have been making bulk wines since 1846 in our family winery located in Morata de Jalón (Zaragoza). Our grandfather brought a few medals from international competitions back in the 19th century. We have them displayed like a treasure on the facade of our winery. We can show off, don´t you think? ;)

Secret potion

But if we have something better than the Coca-Cola recipe, it is the magic formula to make our favorite love potion: vermouth. And not just any vermouth: Turmeon vermouth.

Over three generations we have been perfecting the preparation of our vermouths. Don´t think that we are going to reveal everything to you, but we will tell you that part of the secret lies in the maturation of part of the wine in our Turmeon bottles. Our grandfather (el Pipero) made some barrels where he has been patiently waiting for that wine for more than 80 years. When you drink a glass of Turmeon, you are having a sip of history, my friend.


 As we say, good wine requires a lot of patience and in particular, vermouth requires very good ingredients. Up to 19 different botanicals are involved in its maceration. If you are a vermouth lover, surely you already know what they are: cinnamon, cloves and absinthe. Three powerful aphrodisiacs used since the Middle Ages to make the famous 'love potions'. Uhhh! Hence we call ourselves ‘Turn me on’.
This is getting spicy!

Up to 12different botanicals
are involved in
its maceration


If you have pronounced our name in English, you are ready to try the innovative varieties that we have dared to produce: Turmeon Honey, Turmeon Weed or Turmeon Rosé. If you are one of those who has enjoyed vermouth on Sundays for as long as you can remember, maybe you will stick with our most classic varieties: Turmeon Original or Turmeon Blanco. Whatever you are, we invite you to try us and we warn you:
Turmeon hooks!